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Priority Simulator

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) is responsible for creating "an Irish media landscape, that reflects and shapes who we are"

This year we are planning for our next 3 years strategy and 3 year strategy and we want to hear from you. 

The purpose of this priority simulator is to give you as the citizen the chance to have your say and decide where you think our focus is best placed.

This focus board highlights the key areas for consideration:


You will be given 40 points to allocate to the areas which are most important to you. Once all the points are allocated and the target is met, you will then be able to complete the simulator.

Strategy, the seventeenth century Japanese samurai Miyamoto Musashi once said, involves seeing distant things as if they are close and taking a distanced view of close things. In an uncertain media landscape where the only constant is continuous change, such a multiple perspective may be a tall order but, if we are to respond effectively to the challenges looming on the horizon, nothing less will do.


With this in mind the BAI has a challenge on its hands and we want your help. The BAI has an important strategic as well as a regulatory function. Since our establishment in 2009 we have devised two strategic statements, but with our third now looming we believe that it would be important to hear from the public and our stakeholders as to where our focus should be on this three year strategy.


This is your opportunity to have your say and let us know what you value the most. We will use the responses to help us shape the next three year strategy and key objectives.


Prioritise your strategy